Merrill Scholar: Oliver Sueing

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Oliver Sueing, Vienna '71-'72

Oliver's first love was music, and although he was on a Biology/Pre Med track at Morehouse, it was the glee club director that encouraged him to study abroad in Vienna.  Making the most of his time here, he joined the Jeuness Core first semester, and then landed a role in 'Showboat' at the school of music in Vienna.  Although he has enjoyed a long career in pharma sales working for both Pfizer and Glaxo, his professional avocation has continued to be music.  He has performed with "3 Inspirational Tenors" and most recently auditioned with America's Got Talent.  He sang at President Jimmy Carter's Inauguration

To Mr. Merrill, Sueing says,"Thank you, Mr. Merrill!  Vienna was the most life-changing experience I've ever had!"