Merrill Scholar: Howard Franklin Jeter

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Howard Franklin Jeter, Nantes '67-'68

A year in Nantes would launch an outstanding career in foreign service for Ambassador Jeter.  He served 27 years in the American Foreign Service and retired from the State Department with the rank of Career Minister.  He served as Ambassador to Nigeria, the Republic of Botswana and as Special Presidential Envoy to Liberia.  Since his retirement he has served as President and CEO of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, EVP of GoodWorks International LLC, on countless boards, and received as many awards and recognitions for his work and service. 

"Nantes was a very special place.  My host family called me "Franc" because "Howard" was too hard to pronounce!  Thank you to Mr. Merrill for a scholarship that would chance the course of my life!"