Merrill Scholar: Dr. Maxine Hayes

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Dr. Maxine Hayes, Vienna '67-'68

One of the top students in her Spelman class, Maxine was chosen to be a Merrill Scholar.  Barely having left the state of Mississippi before she began her freshman year in college, she had collected postcards from everyone she knew who traveled.  "Through IES, I was able to really visit the places I had only known through books and postcards!  In Vienna, I developed a love for the arts, and during our mid term break I spent a month working on a kibutz in Israel."  She returned to Spelman after study abroad to complete a fifth year and following graduation, many opportunities opened up.  She attended medical school in Buffalo, NY, the Havard School for Public Health, and a post graduate medical program at Vanderbilt.  She worked for two years at Children's Hospital in Boston, and has spent more than two decades as the Chief Medical Officer for the State of Washington.