Merrill Scholar: William Berry

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William Berry, Durham '68-'69

"I landed in Durham, England as a result of political uprisings in Madrid, where I originally applied.  To my benefit, as an English major, I earned credits toward my major and was still able to graduate from Morehouse in four years.  Mr. Merrill took a sincere interest in my studies.  He encouraged me to study liberal arts.  He paid for my trip home and back to Durham when my father died so that I was able to attend the funeral."  Bill went on to earn an MA in communications and a PhD in communication research.  After 15 years in journalism and corporate communications, he taught adverstiing for 22 years at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, headed up three departments and served as associate chancellor.  He continues to teach a communications class that spends three weeks in the Dominican Republic every year.