MAP for Student Health, Safety & Crisis Management

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Published in October 2013, the IES Abroad MAP for Student Health, Safety & Crisis Management offers a detailed set of guidelines for addressing student safety and crisis management in study abroad programs. It is the third publication in IES Abroad's Model Assessment Practice series. 

The author, William P. Hoye, is Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Operating Officer at IES Abroad. He also manages the IES Abroad Crisis Management Team. 

Why it Matters
Student health and safety is a prime concern for all international education professionals, parents, and students.

The IES Abroad Map for Health, Safety & Crisis Management sets standards which highlight the importance of student preparation and training before and during their study abroad experience; the critical role of highly trained on-site staff; the value of ongoing local and global risk assessment; and the importance of maintaining U.S. health and safety standards in every country.  

How it Works
The IES Abroad MAP for Student Health, Safety & Crisis Management:

  • Outlines specific IES Abroad standards for responding to crises and managing student health and safety emergencies
  • Features “best practices” with respect to responding to crises and handling student health and safety emergencies abroad
  • Offers a means for others in the study abroad field to adopt these or similar standards, with the goal of enhancing the health and safety of the more than 275,000 U.S. college and university students who study abroad each year.

Download or request a copy of the MAP for Student Health, Safety & Crisis Management.