An Innovative Way to Achieve Your Study Abroad Goals

For more than 50 years, IES has been collaborating on faculty-led and other customized study abroad programs, from short-term summer courses to semester and academic-year experiences. IES Faculty-Led & Customized Programs allow colleges and universities to expand their study abroad offerings, give faculty the opportunity to lead student groups overseas, and present students with flexible study abroad options that suit their academic plans.

IES Faculty-Led & Customized Programs feature:

  • strong academic framework that attracts students and engages faculty
  • The right location to reinforce the academic focus
  • schedule that maximizes the time overseas, particularly for short-term programs
  • Quality resources, reliable suppliers, and appropriate classroom and living spaces for a successful experience
  • price that can adjust to meet the financial constraints of your school and students
  • Expert management of academics, health and safety, field study and accommodations
  • On-site support for faculty-led programs
  • A positive intercultural experience
  • A program exclusively designed to meet your needs