Facts about Germany (including diversity information & statistics) English version
Interkultureller Rat in Deutschland (links to many intercultural organizations in Germany)
Integration of Chinese Immigrant Children in Four Countries: Germany, Hungary, Spain, and the UK (English version)
Minority Students
Berlin's Carnival of Cultures
AfroNetz (online community in German)
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (historic/current context for People of African Descent)
Sexual Orientation Issues
International Lesbian & Gay Association (ILGA) (Germany)
Afro-German (film review)
Religious Issues
Various Religion Resources
List of religions and places of worship
Physical Disabilities
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Studium (German version)
Independent Living Institute Living and Studying in Germany (English version)


  General Resources
  Official Website on Berlin Anti-discrimination Efforts (with links to diversity issues)
  Studentenwerk Berlin/Berlin Student Union Counseling and Support Link 1
  Studentenwerk Berlin/Berlin Student Union Counseling and Support Link 2
  The Berlin State Office for Equal Treatment and Against Discrimination (LADS)
  Minority Students
  Afro-German theater group
  Asia-Pacific resources for Berlin (in English and German)
  Sexual Orientation Issues
  Official Website on Gay Berlin
  Gay & Lesbian in Berlin
  Religious Issues
  Student Community of the Protestant Church in Berlin
  Official Jewish Berlin site
  Islamic Federation in Berlin (German version)
  Zen Association Berlin
  Physical Disabilities
  Humboldt University resources for students with disabilities
  Berlin chapter of Germany-wide organization devoted to helping disabled and chronically sick students

Freiburg (including EU)

General Resources
Freiburg Student Life   
Physical Disabilities
Freiburg für Alle disability resources
Student Affairs Freiburg University (includes a PDF manual on how to study in Freiburg with physical disabilities)
Sexual Orientation Issues
Transgender Self Help Group in Freiburg
Rosa Hilfe Gay & Lesbian Events; Confidential Counseling
Schwulesbi-Referat (Student Council)
Freiburg city guide to GLBT
Gay and Lesbian Events in Freiburg and the Region
Lesbian Extracurriculars in Freiburg
Religious Issues
Evangelische Studentengemeinde = Protestant Student Community
Katholische Hochschulgemeinde = Catholic University Community
Münster (Roman Catholic)
Studenten für Christus(Students for Christ)
Christengemeinde Freiburg:Lively, pentecostal, American-style worship services
Internationale Christengemeinde Freiburg
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Anglican Church in Freiburg at the Methodistenkirche
Calvary Chapel: Löwenstr
Islamisches Zentrum (Islamic Center)