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Please note that not all resources are available online; if you find that there is more information that you would like to know, please contact our Diversity Department.  Once you are on-site in France, your Student Affairs Coordinator may have other non-internet-related resources as well, so be sure to stop by and talk to them! 


A Day in the Life of a Nantes Student
Wouldn't It Be Nice to Study in Nice?
Bonjour Paris!

7 Tips for a Weekend Magnifique in Paris

Dietary Concerns

Happy Cow: Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants
Eating Vegan in France


Plant-based Restaurants 
The Best Vegetarian Restaurants
Gluten-Free Guide to Paris
The Dairy Free Traveler: Paris


Gluten-Free in Nice
Happy Herbivore: Vegan in Nice


Vegetarian Restaurants in Nantes

Diverse Racial, Ethnic, & National Identity

Entree to Black Paris
Paris Asiatique
The Paris Region Official Website
Maison de la Culture Noire Americaine (Afro-American Culture House)
Black Haircare (French)
African-American History Tours
Being Asian in France

Gender Identity, Gender Expression, & Sexual Orientation

Fédération des associations et centres LGBTQ
ILGA Europe 
Association Contact 
Western France Tourist Board (Gay Nantes)


Autre Cercle
David et Jonathan (LGBTQ Christian Organization)
Official French Tourism site (Gay Tourism)
Paris Marais
Center LGBTQ Paris 
OuTrans - Droit des Personnes Trans
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 


Centre LGBT Cote d'Azur
List of the associations that make up the centre LGBT Cote d'Azur


Centre LGBTQ Nantes
Pink Choice Gay Nantes
Espace Simone de Beauvoir : espace de defense et de pormotion des droits des femmes
Mon Psy Gay: Support for Homosexual, Bisexual, & Trans* Persons)

Religion & Spirituality

Kosher in Europe
Kosher Food/ Restaurant Guide
Consistoire Israelite de France
Collectif Contre I' Islamaophobie en France
Union Bouddhiste de France


KAHAL - Jewish Resources in France
French Anglophone Jewish Congregation
Best Kosher Restaurants in Paris
The Fork: Kosher Restaurants
List of Religious Institutions in Paris
Buddhism-(Paris) (Fr. vsn)
Mosques in Paris
The Great Paris Mosque
Muslim-Friendly Restaurants
3 Day Itinerary for the Muslim Traveller


Student Catholic Community 
Union des Musulmans des Alpes-Maritimes
Hours for Prayer in Nice
The Fork: Halal Restaurants
Union des Communautes Juives Cote d'Azur Corse
Guide Pratique de la Communaute Juive Azureenne et Monegasque
Kosher Meat Restaurant in Nice 
Kosher Restaurants in Nice 
Les Centres et les Temples Bouddhistes Dans les Alpes-Maritimes
English-speaking Churches on the Riviera


Mosques in Nantes
The Fork: Halal Restaurants
Union des Etudiants juifs de France - Nantes
Eglise Protestante Baptiste de Nantes
Aumônerie des Etudiants à Nantes
Eglise Protestante Unie de Loire-Atlantique
Centre Bouddhiste Kadampa Toushita
List of Religious Institutions in Nantes

Disability Resources & Mental Health Support

IES Abroad will attempt to provide accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  If you have a disability, you should inform the Chicago Dean of Students Office of the disability prior to departure at 312.261.5051.  A representative from the Dean of Students Office will assist in making reasonable accommodations at the IES Abroad Center.