Integral in fulfilling our mission is a commitment to the representation and integration of diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas within our programs.

At IES Abroad, we understand that diversity must be cultivated and supported in several ways and at multiple levels, from accessibility and inclusiveness of a diverse student body to the learning environment and courses offered.

We foster a diverse student body that attracts and supports groups of students which include, but are not limited to, students of diverse racial and ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+ population, students from underrepresented religious groups, students from low-income families, first-generation college students, students with physical and learning disabilities, and students who demonstrate a history of overcoming adversity.

We are committed to diversity through a number of areas:

  • Students & Student Services
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Programs & Areas of Study
  • Educational Partnerships
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students & Student Services
With the guidance of our dedicated Diversity team, we actively seek to attract and foster a student body which includes individuals who will contribute to the presence of multiple perspectives in and beyond the classroom. This is not limited to individuals who represent different heritages, physical abilities, political beliefs, religious practices, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds but includes students with all qualities that comprise human difference.

We provide a range of support services and resources to our students, including predeparture preparation and advising and supplemental resources vital to addressing diverse needs and challenges once abroad. These services are essential to the cultivation of a supportive environment which continues to foster respect and a value for the unique contributions that differences enable us to make.

Faculty & Staff
Our faculty and staff reflect different backgrounds, experiences, expertise and teaching styles, which cultivate a respect for and value of difference as well as encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences. They are critical to the academic and personal support of our diverse student body and our ability to offer breadth and depth in our courses. Most importantly, faculty diversity enables us to create learning environments conducive to the exchange of ideas, which cultivates a respect for and value of difference.

Programs & Areas of Study
All of our courses encourage students to use multiple lenses to examine a topic or issue while considering influences like the political, economic, social and cultural landscapes of the host country. In addition to traditional areas of study and disciplines, we provide contemporary courses which embrace an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of subjects like gender, ethnic, indigenous, and religious studies.

Educational Partnerships
We collaborate with educational associations, organizations and outreach programs to promote accessibility and provide resources, encouragement, and support to students who traditionally are under-represented in study abroad programs. Learn more about our partners.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
We are dedicated to encouraging and enabling students to study abroad. Therefore, we offer a variety of scholarships and financial aid to encourage participation from students from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, academic disciplines, interests, and institutions. Learn more about our scholarships.