PO 356 - The "Autobiography of a Nation?" The History and Ideology of Italian Fascism

Starting from the famous definition of fascism as «autobiography» of Italy (P. Gobetti), the course will present the most significant features of fascism: ideology, cultural references, and leaders. It will examine the historical events that led to the introduction and establishment of fascist movement, to Mussolini’s seizure of power, until the fall of the ‘duce’ and the epilogue of 'republican' fascism. This course also will examine the structure of party and state, economic policy, the domestic and foreign policy, the cultural one. Special attention will be paid to the illustration of how to build consensus (propaganda and mass media, art, literature) and the forms of everyday life, mentality, and of material culture. Emphasis will be placed archival materials and original sources. A part of the course will be specifically dedicated to fascism in Siena and Tuscany.

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Political Science

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