PO 331 - Mediterranean Policy of Spain and the European Union

This course will focus on the study of the exterior action of the European Union towards the Mediterranean through its formal instruments and channels as well as through the non-institutionalized instruments, developing the origin, evolution, objectives and expectations about the future of both instruments. Special attention will be paid to the Barcelona Process and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), and the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). Other topics will cover the Spanish’ foreign policy towards the Maghreb and the Middle East as a privileged actor among Euro-Mediterranean relations.

The history shared among the Maghreb region (Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Mauritania) and Spain as well as their political and economic interests, generate regional dynamics in the West Mediterranean zone rather distant from the Middle East ones. Throughout this course, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the attempt of Turkey entering the EU, all the revolts occurred in the Arab countries during Spring’11, the current migratory crisis and the BREXIT from the United Kingdom, will be treated because of the strong effect they have on the Mediterranean Policy of Spain and the European Union.

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Political Science

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At least one course on European Politics or International Relations

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