MK 316 - Global Marketing for Startups

Global marketing is a key success factor not only for multinational firms, but also and particularly for local startups. Through effective and well-designed global marketing activities, startups can increase their global footprint. Students examine the definition of “global marketing” and its objectives and challenges in addition to today’s main emerging markets and differences with our domestic market. The concepts of global marketing are applied to the vibrant startup scene in Berlin. Thus, the course offers a relevant and hands-on perspective on global marketing with two field trips into the Berlin startup scene. The course chronologically follows each step of the global marketing approach, including the analysis of foreign market’s environment and context, segmentation, targeting and positioning options, designing global customer journeys, customer acquisition, developing a global marketing strategy along the dimensions product, price, place and promote as well as global branding strategies. Managing the different stages of the innovation process and its effects on the marketing approach of a startup company will be addressed as well.

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Please note that this is an introductory course. Marketing majors should take this into account.

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