HS/PO 430 - The Maghreb and the Arab World

This course offers an introduction to the history of the Maghreb and Islam, and their relation to France, from the establishment of French colonies to independence and the present day. The objective isn’t to retrace the history of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, or to specialize in a study of Islam in the Maghreb: rather, this course seeks to understand the major steps in the common history between east and west, a subject which even today is at the center of heated debates and helps explain the relationship between France and The Maghreb.

We will focus on the mentalities, social and cultural aspects of the region. How do we define without resorting to caricature? What do oriental-ism and post-colonialism mean? How do we explain the violence that accompanies decolonization? Current debates will also be considered. In order to respond to these questions, we will adopt a multidisciplinary approach, which will be based on historiographical methods and concepts, sociology and political science.

This course will allow students to develop critical thinking skills by confronting historical documents and testimonies as well as more recent texts. The objective is to improve French argumentation skills. A major aspect of this course will be based on class discussion and participation.

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Political Science

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