Bosque de Palermo (Parque Tres de Febrero)

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Bosque de Palermo is a green zone of 25 hectares located in Palermo. It is known for its groves, lakes, and rose gardens (El Rosedal). Many people use the park every day, both on foot and bicycle, and this number increases greatly at the weekends. Boat rides are available on the three artificial lakes within the park. Close to the boating lake is the Poets' Garden, with stone and bronze busts of major poets, including Borges and Shakespeare.

The Planetario Galileo Galilei is located inside the park. Its architecture is distinctive, a sphere supported by three arches. Facing the rose garden, across an Edwardian-style bridge, is the Eduardo Sívori Plastic Arts Museum. Also located in this area are the Japanese Gardens (a present from Japan for the welcoming done to the first Japanese immigrants), the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.

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