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IES Internships full-time semester and summer internship placements are guaranteed and span a variety of fields in locations across the globe. So whether you're interested in Community Media in Cape Town or Software Engineering in Shanghai, IES Internships has a placement that matches your goals and interests. 

Keep in mind that the placements listed below are examples of what previous interns have done. Specific placement availability may vary from year to year, but IES Internships staff will work to find the most suitable placement for you. 

Arts, Fashion & Theater Internships

Art Studio Management Internship

Intern worked at a visual arts center where artists develop and exhibit their art. Tasks and projects included planning, organizing, and researching funding for events; assisting with lesson plans for and supervising classes; and composing and arranging the production of print materials.

Graphic Design Internship

Intern worked at a graphic design studio that specializes in designing websites, brochures, and branding, and gained experience working with digital and print media; learned best practices for design, color, and typography; and trained in and utilized professional design software.

Orchestra Planning & Research Internship

Intern worked at a music and culture agency, focusing on event planning and management for composition competitions and orchestra concerts, translating texts, researching musicology, and organizing the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) at the organization.

Theater Operations Internship

Intern worked at a theater and acting school on all facets of the business, including event and competition management and promotion; targeted marketing and design; script reading and analysis; and general operations, such as venue research and hire, and contributing to and recording meetings.

Business and Finance Internships

Consulting Internship

Intern worked with a consulting services company to improve clients’ processes and business strategy, attending client meetings and providing recommendations, translating documents, and writing training video scripts.

Finance Internship 

Intern worked with an industry-leading tea, coffee, and botanical extracts company and supported the finance team with several key projects, including credit card approval and processing automation, customer credit exposure analysis, and batch invoice processing.

HR Internship

Intern worked at a corporate accounting firm researching Human Resources laws and regulations, designing a new company newsletter, preparing for monthly organizational meetings, running a company-wide team-building event, and creating recruitment materials.

Research & Analysis Internship

Intern worked with a financial technology startup that focuses on providing blockchain-based networks to companies. The intern researched cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and analyzed financial markets to identify key opportunities.

Engineering Internships

Biomedical Engineering Internship

Intern worked with a research organization that serves biotechnology, hospital, pharmaceutical, and university clients and assisted staff in the research and development, certification, and patenting of medical devices.

Engineering Internship

Intern worked with a global manufactured beach company, assisting in the development of engineering plans for projects, and learning about the financial and administrative sides of the business.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Internship 

Intern worked with a pharmaceutical drug development firm, created algorithms to understand molecular dynamics, and developed industrial applications to optimize processes.

Engineering Internship

Intern worked with a provider of coding, engineering, testing, and sales tools for professionals in STEM fields and trained on their focus product, an application that creates virtual instruments for companies around the world.

Health Internships

Community Development & Exercise Science Internship

*Not available in all locations. Intern worked with a sports science organization that optimizes health and athletic performance, contributing to projects that positively impact, guide, and nurture community members, from youths to seniors.

Health Care Admin & Psychological Services Internship

*Not available in all locations. Intern worked at an organization serving underserved adults living with mental health disorders, learned the fundamentals of a health care program, provided technical and administrative support, and joined participants in daily activities.

Medical Device Research Internship

*Not available in all locations. Intern worked in rehabilitation medicine research, cooperating with the research team to produce and analyze case reports for scientific publication, and assisting with feasibility studies for new devices.

Pediatric Health Care Internship

*Not available in all locations. Intern worked at a teaching hospital that specializes in the fields of pediatrics, gynecology, and obstetrics. They helped children and their families cope with the challenges of hospitalization by ensuring safety, comfort, and fun during the hospital stay while interfacing with medical staff.

Marketing, Public Relations & Communications Internships

Digital Communications Internship

*Not availabe in all locations. Intern worked with a surfing company developing content for the blog, managing social media posts, producing photo and video media, and interacting with lesson participants on the beach and in the surf shop.

Public Relations Internship

Intern worked at a boutique Public Relations consultancy that does everything from assisting well-known digital brands with their social presence to print and broadcast media relations for new businesses, and helped shape clients’ communications strategies.

Social Media Internship

Intern worked with a social media platform, which connects women with similar interests, on researching U.S. markets to inform expansion plans; developing blog posts about popular eateries, stores, and activities; and drawing up social media designs to correspond to blog posts.

Trends Forecasting Internship

Intern worked with a consumer analytics agency specializing in predictive trends. The intern assisted with business development, establishing partnerships, responding to client requests, and sharing and writing company content for the blog and social media.

Not-For-Profit & NGO Internships

Community Media Internship

Intern worked at a community-based television station, providing services to members, marketing the station to potential new clients in the Arts & Culture sector, creating online and social media content, and contributing to the organization’s anniversary celebrations.

Research & Policy Internship

Intern worked with an organization dedicated to protecting children by advocating for safer product development, and completed a variety of projects including data analysis, drafting research reports, and writing memos to help influence policy.

Youth Advocacy & International Law Internship

Intern worked with an international solidarity organization dedicated to providing vulnerable youth with conditions conducive to their wellbeing
and development. The intern drafted a comprehensive funding plan, ran grassroots funding projects, and assisted with running special donor drives.

Senior Advocacy Internship

Intern worked in training development with an organization whose mission is to mobilize and empower seniors to advocate on behalf of themselves, their families, and their communities. The organization provides personal services, like computer training and repair, as well as largescale campaigns for seniors at the national level.

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