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IES Internships starts with a clearly defined process to help you understand how to get an internship abroad or in the United States, as well as learn about our programs and the opportunities offered, prepare you before you leave home, and provide extraordinary support while you’re interning.

How It Works


Review the locations and industries we offer to determine where and when you want to go. Regardless of which location you choose, your full-time internship placement is guaranteed*.


With your assigned IES Internships advisor available as a resource, complete the online application form and submit application pieces by the deadline. Wait one to two weeks for an admissions decision. At the same time, if you are applying to a summer internship program, you can also apply for financial aid and scholarships.


Once you are admitted, submit the Confirmation Form and $500 non-refundable deposit or Intent to Enroll Form to confirm your place in the program. The IES Internship Coordinator based in your chosen city will then reach out to discuss your career goals and interests.


After assisting you with your résumé, cover letter, and interview skills, your Internship Coordinator will arrange a phone or Skype interview between you and an organization in the field of your choice.


IES Internships consults with you and the potential employer after the interview to confirm that the placement is a match. Once you’ve accepted your placement, get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Next Steps
Prepare for Departure

After you are admitted and have confirmed your spot in the program, the IES Internships team will help you develop important skills and will provide the necessary tools you’ll need to prepare for your internship. We assist with:

• Résumé and cover letter development

• Interview coaching and mock interviews

• Techniques for and opportunities to practice networking

• Visa guidance and packing advice

• Cultural overview and preparation

Meet Your New City

After you arrive in your program location, orientation will provide an introduction to the city and program, professional and cultural expectations, and commuting. Field trips, available as your work schedule allows and at an additional cost, are also a great way to get to know your city and surrounding areas.

Intern & Live in a Global City

Each location is staffed by a team of educators and administrators who will provide instruction, support, and lead field trips and events during your program. In addition to your full-time internship, you can enroll in a for-credit academic internship seminar with other IES interns. Here, you and your fellow interns will share on-the-job experiences and learn about:

• Local economic climate

• Cross-cultural communication and understanding

• Work attitude and aptitude

• Conflict resolution and ethics

• Leadership skills and team building

• Highlighting your internship on your résumé and in future interviews

Our internship programs also provide optional, for-credit language courses, where applicable.

Connect with IES Internships Representatives

Diane Arthur

● Connecticut ● Georgia ● Illinois ● Kansas ● Maine
● Massachusetts ● Michigan ● Minnesota ● Missouri 
● North Dakota ● Nebraska ● New Hampshire ● Ohio 
● Rhode Island ● South Dakota ● Vermont ● Wisconsin 

Melissa Comiskey

● Indiana

Eliza Leland


● Alabama ● Arkansas ● Delaware ● Florida ● Iowa
● Indiana ● Kentucky ● Louisiana ● Maryland ● Mississippi
● North Carolina ● Oklahoma ● Pennsylvania ● South Carolina
● Tennessee ● Virginia ● Washington, D.C. ● West Virginia 

Angela Liu

● Alaska ● Arizona ● California ● Colorado ● Hawaii 
● Idaho ● Montana ● New Jersey ● New Mexico
● Nevada ● New York ● Oregon ● Texas ● Utah
● Washington ● Wyoming


IES Internships guarantees you a placement in your field of choice, as indicated on your internship application. If we are unable to offer you an internship placement in the expressed field of choice at least two weeks before the program start date, despite your participation in the process and satisfaction of all program requirements, then you have the option to receive a refund of the full amount that you paid IES Internships or the chance to transfer to an IES Abroad program of comparable length and value in the same location (subject to satisfying applicable visa requirements and IES Internships’ academic program requirements).

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