Grade Breakdowns & Appeals

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Except in highly unusual circumstances, the professor is the final arbiter of grades in the course. Grades constitute a subjective, but professionally qualified evaluation of a student’s performance in a course. Therefore, the basis of the grade should rest solely on the student’s performance in the course as outlined and articulated in the syllabus and other guidelines that may be provided in class, and IES Abroad academic policies and procedures. The grade appeal is designed as recourse for students who can demonstrate one of the following extenuating circumstances:

  • Mathematical errors occurred in computing the grade or clerical errors happened in recording the grade;
  • A documented medical or personal emergency arose; or
  • The student received a biased or capricious grade, meaning the following:
    • The student has been assigned a grade on the basis of something other than his or her performance in the course;
    • Standards utilized in the determination of the student’s grade are more rigorous or demanding than those applied to other students in the course; or
    • The grade is based upon standards that are significant, unannounced and unreasonable departures from those articulated in the course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the course, or from IES Abroad policy as defined in the IES Abroad Academic Policy Guidelines.

In some cases, students simply want to request further feedback in order to understand the basis for the grade. You may request further information or appeal your grade with this form.

Students who enroll at a partner University in the country of study are bound to following the guidelines and procedures for grade appeals at the institution in question, in accordance with IES Abroad Academic Policy Guidelines. These guidelines are published in the IES Abroad Student Handbook, distributed on site and available on the IES Abroad website.

Everything you include in this appeal form will be forwarded by the Center Director to the Professor of the course.

  1. Grade appeals for IES Abroad courses must be submitted to the IES Abroad Chicago office within 60 days of your grade being posted on your MyIESabroad account. Grade appeals for courses taken at partner institutions are subject to that institution's policies. Students with financial holds must satisfy their bill with IES Abroad within this timeframe in order to receive grades in a timely manner; IES Abroad will not consider grade appeals from students who fail to comply with IES Abroad billing policies.
  2. Upon receipt of these forms, IES Abroad Chicago will forward legitimate appeals to the Center Director.
  3. You will receive a response from the Center Director or Program Dean.
  4. IES Abroad will not entertain grade appeals that are handwritten, improperly documented, or which do not conform to the guidelines outlined in this document.