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Submit up to three films to our 2018 Study Abroad Film Festival!

Questions? Contact Amy McMillan at [email protected].



To IES Abroad or SAF Student or Alumni
It is necessary for you (and at least one parent or guardian if you are a minor at the time of signing) to sign this Waiver & Release Form and submit it electronically. Receipt of the signed form is a condition of participation in IES Abroad’s Study Abroad Film Festival. After you have signed the Waiver & Release Form, you will receive a copy by email for your own records.


I am a student or alumni of Institute for the International Education of Students d/b/a IES Abroad, IES Internships or the Study Abroad Foundation (hereinafter collectively referred to as “IES Abroad”) and will be submitting a short film (“submission”) to IES Abroad in connection with the IES Abroad Study Abroad Film Festival (“Film Festival”). By my signature below, I agree to the following:

If you are under the age of 18 at the time of this submission, your parent or legal guardian must also sign the Waiver & Release Form. You may contact Amy Ruhter McMillan at [email protected] for a hard copy or PDF version of the Waiver & Release Form. If you are under the age of 18, your submission will not be complete until the Waiver & Release Form is also signed by your parent or legal guardian and submitted to IES Abroad.