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Before they take off for their study abroad or internship experience, IES Abroad Correspondents share their packing lists, expectations, why they chose their location, and more in their predeparture posts.


En Route to Nice!

May 17, 2019

Hey, everyone! I’m Addie, and I just finished my sophomore year at Davidson College. I’m a sociology major and super excited to leave for France. As I prepare to begin my journey to Nice tomorrow, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do while I’m abroad, what I’m worried about, and what I’ll miss most about being at home.

I'll Never Be Prepared for Paris (And That's Okay)

May 15, 2019

After packing my suitcase and practicing my French, I'm still nervous about studying for the summer in Paris. Now I've come to accept that a big part of traveling is figuring it out as you go.

Soaring Past Stress

May 14, 2019

Bonjour, Jacques here! I’m writing this from the airport, bag packed and suitcase checked, and I’m listening to the new Vampire Weekend. Just yesterday, I submitted the last assignment due for spring semester, which means I’m done with all the classes required for my major!

From Out of State to Out of the Country

May 10, 2019

How the initial decision to attend an out-of-state university lead me to choose to study abroad. Also, how my mom's own study abroad experience inspired me to pursue one of my own.

Adventure Awaits in Hong Kong

May 6, 2019

Street markets, skyscrapers, and fish balls. All three of these things represent the grand city of Hong Kong. In a few weeks, I will begin my once-in-a-lifetime journey to explore every inch of Hong Kong.

What to Bring to Siena

April 29, 2019

Here is what you should bring, or not bring, to Siena.

What to Bring (and Not to Bring) to Dublin

April 13, 2019

So, to begin, I feel like it’s worth noting that if you’re the type of person to look up “What-To-Bring” lists, this probably wasn’t your first stop in determining what to bring and not to bring to Dublin. Having gotten that out of the way, this list is going to skip the basic stuffyou already know to bring socks and underwear and a nice camera for your study abroad semester. This is the last check for things you should and really shouldn’t bring when you’re planning to spend a semester in the big city in Ireland.

Buenos Aires, as understood through Google

March 6, 2019

I’m writing this from my home in Denver, so I don’t have any thoughts of my own yet regarding Buenos Aires. I have, however, through a lot of frenetic googling, synthesized a lot of other people’s thoughts regarding Buenos Aires. I’m going to share with you my top finds.

I have read most extensively about food. A few Tufts students who previously studied abroad in Buenos Aires told me to expect lots of milanesa (a breaded meat fillet, similar to chicken schnitzel), asado (of course), and dulce de leche slathered on everything (like, pancakes and cookies, not asado and milanesa.)

Waiting for Berlin

March 1, 2019

If you didn’t know, the Berlin—Language & Area Studies program doesn’t start until March 5th, and all my soon-to-be-classmates and I have been home since the end of winter exams. I always knew the start date of the program, but I didn’t really think much about the break until I was experiencing it.

10 Must-Have Items for Going Abroad

February 27, 2019

After I finished packing for my three-month trip to Barcelona I was super confident that I had covered all of the bases. What could I have possibly forgotten?!

Come to find out, I only had about half of these must-have learn from my packing mistakes! Use this list to make sure you’re completely prepared for an adventure abroad!


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