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Apr 6 12:06am

Family and Swiss Cheese is All I Need

Post by Mary Zarba

Zurich was the last weekend trip of my study abroad experience. Although I had others planned, they were unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. However, I wouldn't have wanted to end my experience any other way. This trip was so special to me because it was spent with family.

Apr 5 6:07pm

An Island Getaway to Mallorca

Post by Mary Zarba

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca for the first time in February. My highschool friend Jess, who was studying in Madrid at the time, met me at the airport in Palma, the capital of Mallorca. We stayed in a youth hostel in the heart of the city.

Apr 5 12:46pm

What it's like being a woman studying abroad in Ecuador

March marks the halfway point of my time here in Ecuador, as well as the start of women’s history month back in the US. It’s hard to believe I’ve already been living in Ecuador for two months, and that I have that same amount of time left.

Apr 4 6:50pm

Touchdown in London Town

Post by Mary Zarba

I can envision myself living in London for several years of my life. Although I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it, I believe that I am especially fond of the UK because the people there speak English. However, they speak "proper" English which is very different from American English.

Apr 4 1:45pm

The BudaBEST Weekend Trip

Post by Mary Zarba

Budapest, Hungary. Prior to my weekend trip there, I knew nothing about this place. My friends Emma and Delaney had plans to visit and I spontaneously joined them. Something about the unknown and element of mystery associated with this foreign country was very exciting to me.

Apr 4 12:19am

Reflections From Down Here on the Floor

Post by Sammie Stagg

A friend I made in Chile shared with me this quote he read once that stuck with him. We’d been discussing the social/political climate in Chile, which led us to talk about the misguidedness and, at times, impossibility of comparing suffering.