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Jan 15 3:38pm

Recap of My First Week in France

by Claire

A week ago today, I found myself in France for the first time in my life, and after seven days in this country, I’m certain that it will not be the last time.

Jan 14 1:52am

Sleepless in Minneapolis

by Haley

Two. Days. Two days!! That's all I have left before I leave for Spain! I have been anticipating studying abroad for YEARS and the time is almost here! I honestly don't quite know what to expect.

Jan 13 10:50pm

Amsterdam: Anxiety and Thoughts before studying abroad

by Sumini

It doesn’t feel real. 

Jan 11 5:29pm

Making the Most of It: My Advice from My First Week in Dublin

by Morgan

Despite the fact that I hate math, I seem to process things in numbers. At my home college, I have a poster in my room that I use to count down the days until our next break.

Jan 11 2:48am

Reconciling With My Environmental Guilt

by Claire

I’ve been preparing to go abroad to Berlin for almost a year now in so many ways. From applying picking a program, internally to my college, to applying externally to my program it’s been and endless stream of choices and steps.

Jan 10 9:36pm

Lesson 1: The Art of Not Having a Clue

by Sammie

I’m writing this in frozen, blustery Minnesota, where the snow is piled so high that when the streets are plowed, the mailboxes poke out of snow piles like gopher heads.