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Jan 24 10:47am

Leaving Behind Predictability And My Winter Coat

by Kate

Maine winters are predictably unpredictable. On a given day during late November and early March, I will open my blinds to white snow flurries that blanket everything in sight or snap the blind to a barren cold, grey-white landscape.

Jan 23 5:45am

It's the Little Things

by Julia

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the little details really serve to shape a larger experience. So, I just thought I’d share some of the little things that I’ve been noticing & some that I’ve truly been appreciating in Madrid so far.

Jan 22 4:22am

My visit to Lisboa Airport

by Madeira

In short: my trip began less than smoothly. My first flight served two amazing meals, which I was very appreciative of, but they left the light on for most of the flight, so I only slept an hour. The excitement and nerves didn’t help me sleep either.

Jan 21 2:38pm

My Hidden Gems of Ecuador

by Tabitha

Hola Amigos!

Jan 21 9:45am

A Love Letter to Dublin

by Caroline

I miss you already!

Jan 21 9:32am

5 Things I Have Learned In Vienna

by Bridget

Like most students that go abroad, it began with excitement. I finally get to explore, to live my life in the city of music. It is my first step in the world of independence. With the excitement, comes a bit of sadness and culture shock, which I never thought I would EVER endure.