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Paella in Spain, gelato in Italy, couscous in Morocco, sushi in Japan… are you hungry yet? IES Abroad Correspondents share some of their favorite meals from their time interning or studying abroad.


A Constant State of Surprise

July 17, 2018

Going abroad is shocking in many ways. Naturally, we will feel surprised, and at times, even overwhelmed by the differences between us and the culture of our host country. No matter whether or not you have been there before, traveled a lot, or have done extensive research, you will still find some things in your new society hard to adapt to. However, rather than complain, find ways to see knowledge in the way things are done. Seek to understand these traditions and cultures on a deeper level.

Vegan in Madrid

June 26, 2018

Travelling to Spain, where jamón hangs from the walls of restaurants and seafood or meat paella is wildly popular, people have continuously asked me how I would sustain a vegan diet while living in Madrid for six weeks. The truth? It has been almost too easy.

Crostini and Comfort Zones

June 24, 2018

It's market day in Siena every Wednesday and with each week the Fortezza Medicea transforms overnight into a sprawling conflation of a flea market, flower shop, and one of the most incredible lines of food trucks and produce you've ever seen. Coming into a place where the language is foreign and the roads tangle around each other in seemingly senseless knots can be rather intimidating at first.

Haircuts and Fish Ice Cream

June 18, 2018

Originally this post was just going to be about a haircut, but then I realized adding fish ice cream made for not only a better title, but also a more aesthetically pleasing cover photo. And so if I haven't confused you enough - allow me to explain my first month (yes... month!) in Madrid:

Stop Everything, it's Lunchtime in Salamanca

June 13, 2018

As a New York City kid, I thought I had an appreciation for good food, but life in Salamanca has shown me that in gastronomic years, I’m still a child. At lunchtime, Salamanca winds to a halt as we all find our way home for la comida. Meals are a ritual of animated conversation and mind-numbingly delicious food. At Teresa’s table, my Spanish madre gathers together her husband and an occasional family guest. We savor Teresa’s three-course lunch as we watch the news, discuss politics, and talk about our days.

Foodie Finds in Granada

June 4, 2018

The best tapas bars, cafes, and gelato in this unique culinary city.

Ciao Bella- Milan, Here I Come!

May 18, 2018

With only a few days left before I jet off to Milan, here are my final thoughts about this exciting experience and everything I've done to prepare!

Pre-Dublin: Packing, Unpacking and Slacking

May 18, 2018

Guess how I've been prepping to intern in Dublin, Ireland for two months? I have three words for you: packing, unpacking and slacking.


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