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How to Be Vegetarian (or Vegan, etc) in China, Where “Meat” Doesn’t Always Mean Meat

4 Apr 2018

I decided to go vegetarian last summer, while I was studying in Suzhou, China. It was a decision that I had a hard time explaining to my host family and Chinese friends, a situation which was exacerbated by the fact that I had to do so in my limited Chinese. 

I explained it to my host mother like this: “The other day, I saw a truck full of pigs and thought ‘wow, they’re cute’... and then I realized that I would probably be eating pigs like them for lunch. So I decided to become a vegetarian, because if I can think of pigs as being cute but still eat them, that’s a little cruel.”

My Staycation in Barcelona

22 Mar 2018

How my staycation in Barcelona has been my favorite weekend yet!

What It's Like to be Gluten Free in Shanghai

21 Mar 2018

After being in Shanghai for only a few weeks, I have started to get the hang of the food situation.  However having an allergy in a place where few to no people have dietary restrictions is quite challenging.  After visiting my family in Italy this past summer, a place full of pasta, pizza, bread, and pastries filled with gluten, I thought that being in China and being gluten-free would be no problem.  Viewing China as a mostly rice-based culture, I was comforted to know that I would be able to eat a lot of different things.

Wellness Abroad

3 Mar 2018

Studying abroad is exhausting, no matter where you’re studying, no matter what you’re studying, no matter where you’re from, how much you’ve traveled in the past, or how much sleep you get.  When you agree to study abroad, you agree to juggle so many different things at once: exploring an exciting new home, meeting lots of new people, taking interesting new classes with new professors in a new school environment, and traveling to other new places, as well as staying connected to family and friends.  Just typing all of that was exhausting!

Food, Incorporée

21 Feb 2018

Bonjour à tous! It is a beautiful day in Nantes aujourd'hui, and the sun is finally out after what feels like a month and a half of rain. It is hard to be indoors studying for midterms when there is such a beautiful blue sky right out the giant french doors, but I've been walking the thirty minutes to school every morning which keeps me from getting too restless. It's bizarre to think we've been here almost two months already, and to have MIDTERMS to study for- I feel like I've just started with all of my classes, but we're almost halfway done!

On Food: Be Excited about It....?

7 Feb 2018

It is my third week here in Shanghai, and if it weren't for the fact that I'm not fluent in Mandarin, I would feel like I've been here forever. It's actually really quite spooky, but I think that after having had legitamately every day be filled with tons of activity, with intensive language study, cultural immersion inside and outside of class, and almost every meal being eaten out, it feels like I've fulfilled my travel time for the next several years.

Viennese Coffee Culture: My Favorites

21 Dec 2017

The Viennese and I especially agree on one certain thing: coffee is much more than a beverage. It is a way to wake up in the morning, a way to catch up with friends, and (for some) a necessity for any good day. Vienna’s coffee culture was one of the many things that drew me to this beautiful city. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been strategically visiting different coffee shops each week in a hunt to find the best. Listed here are the best coffee shops I have had the chance to visit while living in Vienna.

A Guide to Eating in Rome

11 Dec 2017

This is the second of two blogs to help you make your way through Rome! This time: what to eat, and where.

Out and About: A Gay Day in the UK

4 Dec 2017

Since I first arrived in London, I felt a vibrant LGBTQ presence. After doing some research and getting suggestions from friends, I felt ready to set out and experience the best of LGBTQ London. However, in order to really experience it, I would need a photographer friend to help me document it. Fortunately, I knew the perfect person for the job. Levi, the first friend I made when I came to London, was not only ready to join me, he’s a gay photographer (win win, am I right?). We devoted our entire day to hitting the best gay spots in London so you don’t have to.

Thanksgiving in Roma

4 Dec 2017

Naomi finds a way to make the most of Thanksgiving alone in Rome.


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