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Paella in Spain, gelato in Italy, couscous in Morocco, sushi in Japan… are you hungry yet? IES Abroad Correspondents share some of their favorite meals from their time interning or studying abroad.


no spice but still nice

October 8, 2018

Barcelona! I’ve arrived, and so far so good! The taxi ride from the airport to my home was smooth, and when I got to the house my roommate and host mom welcomed me with a hug. I’m rooming with a friend with college, and she speaks fluent Spanish, so it’s been really helpful! Not only do I get to practice with my host mom every night on my Spanish but also with my roommate.

Putting Granada on the Map: My Favorite Spots So Far!

October 7, 2018

One of the billion reasons I love Granada is because it is the perfect size: small enough that I know my way around the city without needing to consult Google Maps every few blocks, and big enough that there is always a new corner to explore on my everyday walks. I love that while walking around, I often run into friends on the street or come across a brand new café that I hadn’t noticed before.

A Day in Chianti

September 30, 2018

IES Abroad Siena visits the beautiful Chianti region to discover the magic of traditional wine and pasta productions.

My Cheesy Faux-Pas (and Other French Culture Stories)

September 30, 2018

It's fun to see differences between French and American culture! Here are some stories, ranging in subject from culinary sins to five-story elephants!

How to get acclimated to a new city in 15 images

September 27, 2018

I am taking you through the first few days in a new city and what you can do to really feel at home when everything feels new. Stay curious about everything (food, conversations, behaviors, actions and new words) and ask questions about all the things that are new.

Freiburg, Germany 101

September 25, 2018

So it's almost been a month, and I'm pretty settled here. I've got a plant for my room, I know where the grocery stores are, and I've met all my flatmates, which is pretty darn cool.

In my one month of living in Germany, I've learned all sorts of stuff. It feels weird to think that because what's unfamiliar has become habit now. I guess that's exactly what happens when EVERYTHING is unfamiliar... you have to make it familiar. Atleast for someone like me who can't function without some kind of routine. 

Culture and Cuisine in Parma

by Max Leo
September 23, 2018

Traveling around Europe can be very fun, but whenever you're studying in Italy, there is plenty of places to visit within the country My trip to Parma was amazing and included visits to 3 churches, 2 opera houses, 1 vineyard, 1 parmesan cheese factory and 1 balsamic vinegar factory, not to mention the consumption of countless amounts of cheese and prosciutto.

A Cape Malay Cooking Class: An Amateur's Experience

August 26, 2018

Last month, IES Abroad took us to Bo Kaap for a cooking class amid the famous colorful houses. We made samoosas, dhaltijies (Chilli bites), and the most incredible curry. Personally, I love to cook, but my scope of cooking abilities is limited. I am confident in my ability to make approximately five recipes, including cheesy pasta and grilled chicken, but am easily intimidated by recipes with more than six ingredients and complicated instructions. Because of this, I was excited to stretch my cooking comfort zone, and learn a little more about Bo Kaap while doing so.

A Constant State of Surprise

July 17, 2018

Going abroad is shocking in many ways. Naturally, we will feel surprised, and at times, even overwhelmed by the differences between us and the culture of our host country. No matter whether or not you have been there before, traveled a lot, or have done extensive research, you will still find some things in your new society hard to adapt to. However, rather than complain, find ways to see knowledge in the way things are done. Seek to understand these traditions and cultures on a deeper level.

Trip To Amsterdam

July 13, 2018

This has been such a busy past two weeks but I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the events I have planned. Two weeks ago, I went on a two-hour plane flight to meet a friend from TCU in Amsterdam. We waited a little too long to find housing accommodations, so we ended up splitting the cost of an Airbnb private room. Thinking it would be too cramped and a being a little bit skeptical of the room, we were very relieved to find out that the room we rented was comfortable and our hosts were only a few years older than ourselves.


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