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Viennese Coffee Culture: My Favorites

21 Dec 2017

The Viennese and I especially agree on one certain thing: coffee is much more than a beverage. It is a way to wake up in the morning, a way to catch up with friends, and (for some) a necessity for any good day. Vienna’s coffee culture was one of the many things that drew me to this beautiful city. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been strategically visiting different coffee shops each week in a hunt to find the best. Listed here are the best coffee shops I have had the chance to visit while living in Vienna.

A Guide to Eating in Rome

11 Dec 2017

This is the second of two blogs to help you make your way through Rome! This time: what to eat, and where.

Out and About: A Gay Day in the UK

4 Dec 2017

Since I first arrived in London, I felt a vibrant LGBTQ presence. After doing some research and getting suggestions from friends, I felt ready to set out and experience the best of LGBTQ London. However, in order to really experience it, I would need a photographer friend to help me document it. Fortunately, I knew the perfect person for the job. Levi, the first friend I made when I came to London, was not only ready to join me, he’s a gay photographer (win win, am I right?). We devoted our entire day to hitting the best gay spots in London so you don’t have to.

Thanksgiving in Roma

4 Dec 2017

Naomi finds a way to make the most of Thanksgiving alone in Rome.

A Tapas Thanksgiving: How Food Brings Us Together

30 Nov 2017

It is interesting to think back on those special events and memories in my life which were shared around a table. When I was 6 it was with a Barbie birthday cake by the neighborhood pool, doll included. When I was 21 it was a filet of beef on an outside patio. While the food is always great in some way, it is the people and place that make the experience so special.

HalloWIEN and Thanksgiving: Holidays Abroad

30 Nov 2017

The thought of spending fall holidays away from home can be daunting. Especially when those holidays are not (or in Halloween’s case only kind of) celebrated in the country you’re living in. It was a sacrifice I thought I was making when I made the decision to go abroad. I can assure you, it wasn’t a sacrifice at all. 

A Weird Thanksgiving That Reignited My Appreciation for Chile

28 Nov 2017

While the history of Thanksgiving is not a joyous or proud moment for Americans, the legacy of spending time with family while sharing food extends beyond the atrocities the holiday was based on. I have come to recognize that all (or most) of American culture is tainted with colonialist, racist, and many other oppressive practices, however, we have found a beauty and comfort in reclaiming these things. Thus, Thanksgiving is celebrated by even the most conscious being as a day to reflect on what is important in life and the blessings one has received.

Best Cafés to Get Work Done in Dublin

20 Nov 2017

I did the online research and hunted them down to bring you this: an ultimate list of my favorite Dublin coffee shops and restaurants that allow you to get work done with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other.

Fall in Barcelona & The Foods to Keep You Warm

20 Nov 2017

It’s finally fall in Barcelona. I shiver without a thick sweater, and the light fades come 7 pm.  With the new chilly weather I find myself craving comfort foods. Nothing is better than sitting in the many cozy cafés Barca has to offer. So I have generously broken down a few of my favorites for fellow foodies who savor the dining experience as much as the food itself:

For Those Lazy Mornings: Trópico

Figuring out how to eat paella

15 Nov 2017

We weaved through the hanging scarves and bowls of spices of the outdoor vendors to reach our final destination of the day and appease our growling stomachs. I had designed the perfect “authentic” Barcelona day for my visiting friends, but it wasn’t exactly going as planned. We had just watched the magic fountain and light show at the Palau Nacional in Montjuic and were so excited to get a front row view of the main fountain—until we realized we were in the splash zone. Now, we were half-damp and wandering around in the dark to find Portonovo Silvestre, a paella restaurant nearby.


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