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Paella in Spain, gelato in Italy, couscous in Morocco, sushi in Japan… are you hungry yet? IES Abroad Correspondents share some of their favorite meals from their time interning or studying abroad.


An Asian-American in France

January 8, 2019

Some jumbled thoughts and reflections from my experiences this semester as an Taiwanese-American woman in Europe

Gnocchi Night - Hard Work is Delicious

January 6, 2019

Italy – the country where every city boasts an extensive history of food and wine. Every city you visit has something they are famous for, whether that be the pizza in Naples or the tortellini in Bologna. Spending a semester in Siena, I quickly learned to appreciate high-quality food and the process of creating it. To take this appreciation to the next level, a group of friends and I decided to try our hand at cooking a traditional Italian dish from scratch, and that is how our Gnocchi Night began.

Late Nights and Castle Gardens

January 3, 2019

No one was quite prepared to do actual schoolwork! Thankfully, there was still some fun mixed in to the end of November!

Swiss (don't) Miss

January 2, 2019

I really enjoy being outdoors and hiking, so naturally I had to go to Switzerland. Switzerland was up there with Greece on my study abroad bucket list. I have officially visited all of France’s bordering countries (with the exception of Andorra). I tried to get a group of friends to go, but no one wanted to go with me, so I decided to carve out some me-time and make it a solo trip. I hopped on a 5 hour train and made my way to Interlaken!

Traveling Abroad While Abroad

December 28, 2018

Hallo Alle!

So its been a while since I last updated my blog. I've been a bit busy with classes, class projects, presentations, finals, and making plans for my return home. Not only that, but some computer issues have had me on my last nerves. Thankfully, I've got everything fixed...for the most part.

Amsterdam's Top Ten

December 26, 2018

So, you’re in Amsterdam for a few days and want to see some of the bests of the best before you leave? Well, look no further. After four months of living in this incredible city, I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites, ranging anywhere from what grocery store to buy the best croissant to the most reliable metro line.

1) Canal (specifically for those classic Amsterdam canal pictures)

Jordan, or any of the canals near the Anne Frank house are stunning models of exactly what your friends will be expecting to see on your Instagram.

Bye Bye Barcelona

December 18, 2018

Wow, today must’ve been the last dinner that started at 9 in the evening! Honestly, who came up with the concept for the restaurants to open so late?? First of all, I am usually starving by the time my food arrives, and second of all, what has happened to the “don’t eat after six” rule? Of course, I am just pretending to be mad. I will miss those late dinners. So Spanish, so laid-back, no rush, 500 tapas, drinks, fresh bread with every meal... But that’s not even the point. I am leaving Barcelona in a day! 

A Latin-American guide to Buenos Aires

December 15, 2018

As a latino male, I didn’t expect the type of culture shock I would experience in Buenos Aires. While the pasta and pizza joints on every block are a wonderful representation of Argentina’s Italian influence, I’ve seen and met a lot of people that lead me to believe that Argentina is evolving into an even more culturally rich country. There are new and old incomers from South American neighbors like Colombia, Ecuador, and other Latin American countries. To offer a glimpse into this, I want to tell you about some of my favorite go-to joints, where I feel at home.

Why my study abroad mattered to me

December 11, 2018

Through this blog post, I share why I my study abroad was important for me, and also give insight into how it could be beneficial to anyone thinking about participating in this experience.


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