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Don’t you love finding a blog post that makes you stop and go “whoa”? These exceptional posts were specially selected by the IES Abroad blogs editor to be featured on the IES Abroad Blogs homepage.


Dublin in the Distance

May 14, 2019

Well I'm back in the U.S., and I'm dealing with a whole array of bittersweet emotions.

Slipping back into my American routine was like putting on a forgotten favorite sweater that had fallen into some hidden crevice of my closet. You hadn't really thought about it much while it was gone, but you have so many fond memories of it, and you're glad to have it back. It feels nice to rest in my own bed again, to walk the familiar paths of my town, and to cook with proper teriyaki sauce again.

Travel Tips for College Students

by Hope Yi
April 15, 2019

Weekend trips to different countries are almost a part of the lifestyle of studying abroad. Here are a couple travel tips for students traveling across Europe.

An American in France

March 21, 2019

Being an American in France looks different for just about everyone.

The Enchanted Islands in the Context of the Greatest Film in History

March 2, 2019

After our month in Quito came to a close, we all piled on a big metal tube and launched ourselves to a little postage stamp in the middle of the Pacific Ocean known as the Galápagos Islands.

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar

January 28, 2019

I'm studying abroad in Rabat this spring. Ten days ago, I instead took a flight to Madrid.

Studying Abroad from My Study Abroad

January 13, 2019

Right before takeoff, I'm trying to explain to myself why, the heck, I am flying to Vienna.

A Blossoming Relationship With Buenos Aires

December 9, 2018

A look into my hot-and-cold relationship with this city and my choice to dive in head first

Bite-Sized Spoken Word

November 30, 2018

At my home institution, some know me as a writer or performer, mostly through slam poetry. I knew I wanted to continue it in some capacity while abroad and I actually found a slam team at the local college but unfortunately, they only spoke German. After that, I decided that the best way to keep writing was to do just that, keep writing, and confine my spoken words to a sheet of paper. This is the mini series of short poems that I have crafted this semsester along with photo accompaniment. Less is truly more. 


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