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Hear from IES Abroad Correspondents on how their identities intersect with their study abroad experience. Many of these students are IDEA Correspondents, named for our Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad, and are students of diverse background, in regards to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity, gender identity/expression, non-traditional major, physical/mental health/learning ability, socio-economic status, and/or as first-generation in their family to attend college

Explore more blog posts on specific diversity categories: First Generation, LGBTQ+, Mental Health / Learning Disability, Physical Disability, Race / Ethnicity, Religion.


A Conversation On Nationality and Identity

April 8, 2019

Identity is such an interesting concept because not only is it defined differently for everyone, but it influences the ways of life for many people, if not all. Generally speaking, identity is defined as the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. Identity is important for some regarding religion, race, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, class, and many other aspects of life. Such categories related to identity are important for people because it enables them to navigate life more effectively.

Representation of Black Americans Internationally

March 13, 2019

Prior to my arrival in Cape Town, South Africa, I spent some time thinking about what experiences I would encounter abroad as an African-American man. I spent time thinking about this because I am extremely passionate about the representation of African-Americans both domestically and internationally. This has influenced my decision to use my love for storytelling to impact the African-American community positively in a global context. For example, one of my goals in the future is to write a book about a young black boy who wins a spelling bee.

Finding my Home in Amsterdam: A Wandering Jew Takes Europe

March 3, 2019

Amsterdam is a really cool city, and while this might seem empirical, it has taken some time for me to come to appreciate this. From my apartment in the financial district, Amsterdam looks like Boston or Long Island City. The culture appears broadly metropolitan, and rather international. In other words, the shift has not been radical, or especially "shocking." This was weird at first. I expected this tremendous transition, this intense adjustment to local customs and ways of being.

Shopping, Identity, and Making Friends: Japan Edition

January 30, 2019

Just an update on IES Nagoya at Nanzan University as well as some thoughts on my Mexican-American identity while in Japan.

Pre-Departure Post!

January 17, 2019

Hello, beautiful people!

I hope life is treating you well!

An Asian-American in France

January 8, 2019

Some jumbled thoughts and reflections from my experiences this semester as an Taiwanese-American woman in Europe

Transatlantic Marriage - from Indy to Dublin

January 7, 2019

As a recently married woman, I've gotten some questions about travelling abroad. Here are some answers, and some musings on how there's never a wrong time for adventure.

A Semester Abroad: From Brooklyn, New York to Freiburg, Germany

January 6, 2019

Hi! My name is Brianna Logan, and I am a junior at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I am majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Business Management. In less than 24 hours, I will board my plane to study in Freiburg, Germany for the spring semester. Away from the comfort of Skidmore’s campus, my family, and friends. Considering I live on my home university’s campus, being away from my family and friends is not an unfamiliar experience. However, going to Freiburg has caused me to develop a mixture of emotions.


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