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Being Cliché

21 Jan 2018

I must admit, I felt a bit cliché when deciding to study abroad in Europe. 

Trans Ireland: an interview

29 Dec 2017

(One of my class assignments, for Maire Doyle’s immersion writing class, gave me the chance to interview anyone of my choice and write about the interview. I think it’s important as an LGBTQIA+ person to learn about that community in a new place, when one goes there, and I wish I had started earlier. So I’m posting this as one starting point for any future students interested in that! The LGBTQIA+ community may feel small in Ireland, but it’s there for those who want to reach out, and there are multiple resources and organizations.)

Reflecting on 102 Days Abroad

12 Dec 2017

I write this from my home in New York, looking out the window on the snow covered ground as the breeze from the thirty-degree weather blows through my open window. It's a harsh change from the humid summer weather of South America that I was in approximately 48 hours ago. It's been 48 hours since my plane landed in the United States and I've spent a lot of this time longing to be back in South America. To walk the streets of Buenos Aires and Santiago with the amazing friends that I've made during my time abroad. To eat empanadas and alfajors while choppily speaking the Spanish language.

Out and About: A Gay Day in the UK

4 Dec 2017

Since I first arrived in London, I felt a vibrant LGBTQ presence. After doing some research and getting suggestions from friends, I felt ready to set out and experience the best of LGBTQ London. However, in order to really experience it, I would need a photographer friend to help me document it. Fortunately, I knew the perfect person for the job. Levi, the first friend I made when I came to London, was not only ready to join me, he’s a gay photographer (win win, am I right?). We devoted our entire day to hitting the best gay spots in London so you don’t have to.

Mariachi in the Morning

19 Nov 2017

This is the story of my morning commute, narrated by the voices of Vicente Fernandez, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, and Pedro Infante.

Sink or Roll?

13 Nov 2017

It’s been a while again, but I want to encourage anyone else who has the chance to go bog-jumping. Just once.


For the most part, as of a couple weeks in, I had adjusted pretty smoothly to life here. If anything was particularly difficult, it’s being isolated as a trans person. I mostly haven’t noticed it because people have been friendly anyway; but a few moments will keep standing out and sometimes cast a shadow on how I interact with people after. I don’t always notice it at first. (Note: this has improved over time, or I’ve stopped caring about it so much.)


Keeping the Faith: Religious Differences and Experiences Abroad

12 Nov 2017

Before actually making my way over to Germany, I had lots of conversations with my friends about what it will be like to be maintaining my faith while I was away. I was quite worried and really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard the stereotype that Germany was a secular country, and I had looked online a little bit about Germany’s religious demographics, but I still wasn’t sure how that was going to affect me and my religious walk during my stay.

Race, Culture and Ethnicity in South America

27 Oct 2017

Over these past few weeks, I have traveled a lot. I ended my program in Buenos Aires and quickly flew to Lima for my week long field trip for cultural immersion in Peru. This also included a flight to Cusco, a visit to the iconic Macchu Picchu, and then flying back to Lima to fly to Santiago for the second half of my program.

From the minute I landed in Peru, I found myself drawing a lot of comparisons between the two countries in regards to their people and culture.


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