Coming (Back) to America

Danielle Adoghe
July 17, 2018

Hey guys! I have to say adaptation to America is definitely something that I'm going to go through. Reverse culture shock is real! In Japan, convenience is king. From convenience stores to convenient ATMs, it was easy to be a traveler because help was never too far away. This is only aided by their collectivist culture, while in America we have an individualist culture.

Americans are more focused on the ideal of personal responsibility. Some companies and industries have come to express that idea negatively and interpreted it as "putting up with something bad even though we don't have to". This puts a large damper on innovation for the sake of people and instead emphasizes only changing something once enough people complain. Going from a culture that puts you first to a culture where convenience is something you create for yourself first is definitely a shock.

I would also advise any study abroad students to talk about your experiences ASAP! Your family and friends are going to wonder what you've been doing this entire time and will be hungry for stories. Tell them your biggest and most interesting first while they're still curious. If you try to save them for later, you'll have been talking about Japan for so long now that they will no longer care, no matter how interesting the story is.

For my sign off, I would like to share some memories I had of Japan that I know I will hold close to my heart forever. Thank you IES Abroad!

Best, Danielle Adoghe

Danielle Adoghe

<p>Storytelling has always been one of my favorite things to do: when I was little, I used to create little books for my siblings with printer paper, staples, and a black Sharpie. Lately, I like to take pictures of my outfits and surroundings, then share my creative journey on Instagram. The Sims 3 is my favorite game, and I personally feel that Beyoncé is one of the greatest artists of all time. Finally, I hate fish, but I love shrimp.</p>

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