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Sep 13 5:45am

Breaks, Buttons, and Breath: Three Tools for Overcoming Social Anxiety

Post by Wade Suarez

"Please don't sing for me."

Sep 12 3:42pm

No Favorite Things

Post by Clare Hogan

Finding the time to sit down to write this blog was almost impossible. As in, it took me a week to even write down the first sentence, and after I wrote the first sentence, I didn’t have time to write a second one until right now, days later.

Sep 12 7:08am

How the Pandemic Influenced my Journey Abroad

The redundancy of terms such as “unprecedented times” and “return to normalcy” have been pounded in our heads over the past year and a half.

Sep 12 5:15am

Time Works Differently Here: The First Week (or so) in Madrid

Post by Audrey Glas

Every moment since I arrived in Spain has been surreal and packed to the brim with activities.

Sep 10 4:49am

Finding Moments of Joy During a Pandemic

Going into study abroad, I made it one of my goals to find moments of joy around the city of Paris during a year characterized by sickness, loss, and grief. So far, it has been easy to find such moments. I continue to stumble upon people enjoying life in creative ways, and things that bring joy to my life that I wouldn’t experience in the U.S. 

Sep 8 4:30pm

Traveling To Milan In The Midst of a Pandemic

So… I did it! I finally arrived in Milan! But let’s get to the nitty gritty: how did travel go when flying internationally in fall of 2021?? AKA pandemic central??