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A Week of Study Abroad

July 31, 2018

Here I share with everyone what a week of my life looked like while I studied abroad in Amsterdam. This is typically what a week looked like for me, studying and exploring the city during the week and traveling out or enjoying Amsterdam nightlife during the weekend! Before I began my study abroad journey I believed that it would just be filled with constant traveling or exploring, and though I did a lot of that, I also had downtime for myself and with my friends there too. Sometimes it was needed for us to just take a day off when we didn't have classes and go to Vondelpark, have a picnic, or even go to the beach! I would recommend finding a nice balance of both exploring the area that you study at and also doing things that are still fun and require minimal running around. I'm glad I picked Amsterdam because not only was it a beautiful city with lots to do but it was also super close to other cities that I wanted to visit and were possible to go to on a budget, like London. I was able to spend my time with some amazing people who also could explore with me or spend that night in doing face masks with! It was a great time no matter what we did!

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