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Tessa in Paris

My name is Tessa Copeland, I'm a 21 year old college student interested in the arts, philosophy, and people. I study Arts Management with a minor in French. I'm also wildly into "geeky" things (i.e. Star Trek, D&D, Lord of the Rings, WWE), and I write poetry. I think those are the basics, though it is hard to categorize yourself in a few sentences. We all have many intangible nuances-- minor impressions that give a different texture that can only be experienced over time with a conscious effort.

Term: Spring 2019
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All about Tessa

Where I'm From: 
St. Louis, MO
My Home University: 
University of Tulsa

Favorite thing about going abroad?

Not only am I excited to create new relationships with people within the context of a new city and language, but I am also looking forward to studying the interactions of society and art. How do we make meaning and value out of connections across space, tangible or otherwise?

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