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Rahul in Madrid

I have studied in boarding schools for 16 years including college, basically all my life! Being used to living away from home and family has taught me the value of my friendships and the relationships that I share
with the people around me.

Fun Fact: I live on the literal border of India and Nepal and I can speak 5 languages
Hobbies: I love playing soccer, making travel videos, hiking, and doing all of them at once

Term: Spring 2019
Study Abroad Location

All about Rahul

Where I'm From: 
Rochester, NY
My Home University: 
University of Rochester

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am excited to be living in a new place in Madrid, and looking forward to gaining insights by meeting local people and seeing life through their perspectives. As a soccer fan, I am also excited to be living in arguably the best soccer playing nation! Not to mention trying out food, being wander(lost) in the mountains and always being on the move.

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March 6, 2019
January 18, 2019