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Elizabeth in Dublin

I am a fourth year college student living with my wife and our cat. I spend most of my free time writing stories or attempting to "vegetarianize" meat dishes. I love all kinds of fantasy, but especially the likes of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and I hope to learn enough about English in college that I can spend the rest of my life getting paid to do the writing I will be doing anyway.

Term: Spring 2019
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Where I'm From: 
Urbana, IL
My Home University: 
Indiana University
My Major: 
Creative Writing

Favorite thing about going abroad?

Everything about the experience of living in another country sounds amazing: from the food to the culture to the way classes are taught. However, more than all of that, I'm most excited for the sightseeing in nature - particularly the gorgeous, coastal cliffs of Ireland.

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Diversity, LGBTQ+, Predeparture
January 7, 2019