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Genevieve in Nantes

I remember creating things from a very young age. What began as duct tape figurines and short stories as a child have transformed into projects of scale today. One of my favorite activities is to sew, but I also love to write. Self-expression through art and writing has always been a strong part of my identity. My hope for the future is to bring my creativity into the world in new ways by creating relationships with people and helping to create solutions to real-world problems. Learning another language is, I think, an important piece to understanding the world a little better, and to knowing how to better serve the people in it. As an IES Correspondent, I hope my writing can help other students to understand study abroad, me, and the beautiful world around us through my daily adventures!

Term: Spring 2019
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All about Genevieve

Where I'm From: 
Natick, MA
My Home University: 
University of Vermont

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am most excited to get to know my homestay family in Nantes. From them, I hope to gain a deeper sense of community within Nantes and experience the local culture and customs through the lives of some very kind individuals.

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