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Kirsten in Dublin

I am a nerdy artist who loves to try anything and eat everything! I want my life to be filled with as many experiences as possible. I'm a writer, actor, video editor, visual artist, composer, scientist, and bonafide knitter. I'm happiest when I'm creating something, and one day I want to write and produce an animated series -- at least until the Food Network offers me a sweet gig as a judge on MasterChef.

Term: Spring 2019
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Where I'm From: 
Troy, MI
My Home University: 
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm giddy for the firsthand experience of a different culture! I'm fascinated by humans, explaining why I love theatre, and I want to juxtapose the social setting of the U.S. to that of a foreign country

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Predeparture, Video
January 8, 2019