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Julianna in Quito

I love writing, specifically about the relationship between humans and the environment. Not only have I written a number of self-help articles, but I have also written (and plan to write many more) poems about this crucial topic. Because the environment is very important to me and creative writing is one of my passions, I find that putting the two together keeps me happy, satisfied, and feeling both empowered and capable of changing other people's opinions about their relationship to the world around them.

Term: Spring 2019
Study Abroad Location

All about Julianna

Where I'm From: 
Indianapolis, IN
My Home University: 
Indiana University

Favorite thing about going abroad?

The thrill of learning to thrive in a new country, speaking a foreign language, surrounded by people I have never met, living with a host family, taking classes with native instructors and exploring what appears to be an entirely different world encompasses me - body, mind and spirit.