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Nick in Madrid

Hiya, beautiful people! I'm Nick Sheppard: a guy who dances in public like it was his bedroom and sings as loud on the street as he does in the shower. I like my steaks medium rare, my go-carts fast, my mornings early, and my nails done. If you're looking for a hug and a smile, I'm your girl. But, cuidado, if you make me laugh, I am a cackler. I'm a firm believer in positivity and never, ever, never ever ever
saying "I'm tired". So listen up, children! You might just have a good time.

Term: Spring 2019
Study Abroad Location

All about Nick

Where I'm From: 
Houston, TX
My Home University: 
University of Texas - Austin

Favorite thing about going abroad?

This will be my second semester in Madrid and I am super excited to get more time in this city knowing the ropes a little better. I can't wait to live in the Colegio Mayor de Guadalupe and hopefully befriend as many Spanish kids as I can.