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Kristina in Siena

I’m a twenty year old student living in Indianapolis, born and raised in Kokomo, IN. All my life I’ve watched the Food Network and the Travel Channel and movies about people pursuing passions outside the norm and experiencing life first and foremost. I love new experiences. I love new foods, new people, new perspectives, learning at all times from everything around me. I’ll try anything once (at least), whether its skydiving or swimming with sharks or the kind of food only Andrew Zimmerman would enjoy. When I’m not studying for school or working, I like to stay busy. I’m a writer, a traveler, a reader, a cook, an adventurer, a student long after I graduate. In everything that I do, I look to do it with the kind of enthusiasm that comes with experiencing new things and appreciating every opportunity that I am granted.

Term: Summer 2018
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All about Kristina

Where I'm From: 
Kokomo, IN
My Home University: 
Purdue University - Fort Wayne
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

I’m so excited to meet all kinds of incredible people I’ve never met and experience a place that I’ve never seen and I can’t wait to be outside my comfort zone for it all. But, I have to admit, I’m already dreaming about the food.

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