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Xavaar in Galápagos Islands

I grew up in Eatonville, a small town in Washington just outside the entrance to Mount Ranier National Park, but I moved to Seattle two years ago for college. There's a lot more to do in the city than back home; I've taken dance lessons, played clarinet in a campus band, and this summer I learned how to sail. Exposure to nature here is limited though. I used to go hike in the national park after work, but now I feel like I hardly leave the library! In the Galápagos I plan to spend plenty of time outside both on land and sea.

Term: Fall 2018
Study Abroad Location

All about Xavaar

Where I'm From: 
Eatonville, WA
My Home University: 
University of Washington
My Major: 
Biological Sciences

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm excited to have my world turned upside down. Language and culture are different in Ecuador for sure but plants, animals, even the seasons are different on the equator too! That's crazy.

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