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Joshua in Freiburg

As a child, I watched my mom document our family's experiences through photography. Since the time when a camera would fit in my hands, storytelling through media has been my passion. Currently, as a junior at Wofford College, I combine this interest with study of the American and international political systems. I find special interest in where I believe these fields converge in broadcast journalism. I hold that everyone has a story, a story that needs to be shared.

Term: Fall 2018
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All about Joshua

Where I'm From: 
Easley, SC
My Home University: 
Wofford College

Favorite thing about going abroad?

If I could have it my way, I would try an unfamiliar food every night. New experiences are my obsession, and the opportunity to study in another country invites exposure to tastes, cultures, and lifestyles that I have never before experienced.

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