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Aida in Cape Town

Hi there! My name is Aida Mengistu and I am from Sioux City, Iowa. I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Iowa pursuing a double major in Health & Human Physiology - with a focus on Health Promotion - as well as a Global Health Studies major and an Anthropology minor. A bit about myself, I absolutely love to travel and experience new cultures and traditions! I tend to express myself through my photography, whether it be through the warmth of a morning sunrise or the interactions between people. I also enjoy music, movies, and the performing arts. Fun fact, I am originally from Ethiopia and have traveled twice before to visit my extended family members over the summer!

Term: Summer 2018
Study Abroad Location

All about Aida

Where I'm From: 
Sioux City, IA
My Home University: 
University of Iowa
My Major: 
Health Studies

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am so excited to engage with the historical culture that is South Africa, specifically Cape Town. I especially look forward to interacting with communities and exploring the city and its beautiful, natural landmarks.

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