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Max in Milan

Hi, I'm Max! I am studying Real Estate and finance and have spent all of 2018 traveling. I began domestically, visiting St. Louis, Charleston and NYC in January. Then in February, I headed to China to spend the semester at Fudan University in Shanghai! I got to travel to over 15 different cities in China while there. Next, I spent a few days in Hong Kong as a tourist before heading to Mumbai to spend July and August working for a real estate development company. I have a passion for cross-cultural interaction and this year has truly allowed to explore that.

Term: Fall 2018
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Where I'm From: 
Boiling Springs, PA
My Home University: 
George Washington University, The

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am excited to make connections between the cultures and education systems that I have experienced in China, the United States and now Italy.

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