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Claire in Milan

I am in love with many different things: with music, with languages, with literature, with cuisine, with other cultures. I study opera and international studies at two leading institutions, and am constantly trying to find the best balance between these two fields, incorporating socializing and personal time. In my spare time I love to read. I believe very passionately that connecting with other people and cultures through commonalities like food and music makes me a more developed individual, and that I am a better person because of opportunities in which this can manifest -- like studying abroad!

Term: Fall 2018
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All about Claire

Where I'm From: 
Baltimore, MD
My Home University: 
Johns Hopkins University

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am most excited to improve my knowledge of Italian language and culture and to experience what it is to live in a foreign country. I hope to live abroad after college, and I cannot wait to begin that experience in just a few short weeks. I am also eager to experience opera in the place of its birth!

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