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Vanessa in Berlin

Hi y'all! I'm from the beautiful city of Santa Ana, CA, the heart of Orange County in Southern California. At Haverford, I am a QuestBridge Scholar as well as a Chesick Scholar; aside from being a full time student, I work at the Office of Academic Resources and the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship. I also am involved with the Alliance of Latin American Students and a resident of Existence as Resistance House at my school. When I'm not in classes or working, I love to take the time and document memories, and growth, through journals and photographs.

Term: Spring 2018
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Where I'm From: 
Santa Ana, CA
My Home University: 
Haverford College
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

After people ask me where I'm going abroad, they then ask me what I'm most excited for. My mind immediately thinks of all the different peoples and stories they're carrying with them; I look forward to meeting new people and sharing stories of home within this new home!

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