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Destiny in Freiburg

My name is Destiny! I am a Junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill aka "The University of National Champions" lol. I grew up in a multicultural African-American / German family as well as being a Military Brat. I think these two aspects influenced who I am today and I'm very grateful that I grew up in such a diverse family, as well as getting the opportunity to live all across different parts of the country. In my free time I enjoy photography, graphic design, listening to music, horseback riding, and spending time with family and friends (and my two dogs). Professionally, I aspire to be a Lawyer, focusing on some branch of International Law.

Term: Spring 2018
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All about Destiny

Where I'm From: 
Military Brat
My Home University: 
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm excited because I will be living, not visiting, an amazing country and learning new perspectives. I'm excited for all the adventures I'll have, the language skills I'll gain, and the relationships I look forward to making.

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