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Lexi in Shanghai

Ever since I was a child, my life has always been linked to helping other people. I founded Kids Helping Kids when I was in sixth grade after I was in a serious car accident. While in the hospital, I heavily relied on the support of my friends and family as I had recovered. As I reflected on my accident and the serious injuries I had suffered, I saw the incredible power that I was shown as everyone came together to help me heal. The idea to start KHK was inspired by the small acts of kindness I witnessed from so many. I was so moved by the generosity of my peers that I wanted to harness that energy and share it with others, who may not have the same access to support. Kids Helping Kids has changed the way I view the world and others around me. I love volunteering because of the experiences and lessons I gain. It has shown me the power I have to make a difference in another person's life, and the impact that the people we serve have on my life.

Term: Spring 2018, Summer 2018
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Where I'm From: 
Gilford, NH
My Home University: 
Lafayette College
My Major: 
International Affairs

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm most excited about speaking Mandarin in Shanghai and improving my speaking and listening comprehension skills! I was born in Singapore and lived in Hong Kong until my family moved back to Connecticut when I was 5 and have been studying Mandarin throughout high school and college, but I can't wait to converse with others outside of the classroom and learn more about Chinese culture.

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