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Idil in Buenos Aires

Hello hello! I am Idil and I am a junior at Lafayette College studying Economics and Anthropology & Sociology. I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires this semester. I am an adventurous person who loves trying new things and meeting new people. I love spending time with locals and learning more about a city from their perspective. I cannot wait to take on this experience and bring you all with me!

Term: Spring 2018
Study Abroad Location

All about Idil

Where I'm From: 
Istanbul, Turkey
My Home University: 
Lafayette College
My Major: 

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am excited to be in a majorly Spanish speaking continent where I will feel uncomfortable at the beginning but will get better eventually. I am also excited to have this semester to travel and be in a city - being in Easton PA, you don't get much of that. Also, I am really excited to go to Patagonia!

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