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Tessa in Christchurch

Hi there! My name is Tessa, and I am junior at the University of Rochester double majoring in Film and Media Studies and Business.  I was born and raised in Middletown, New Jersey and have traveled halfway around the world to study, backpack, and film my way through New Zealand.  I'm so excited to share what I see with you.  Get ready for a wild ride!

Term: Fall 2017
Study Abroad Location

All about Tessa

Where I'm From: 
Middletown, NJ
My Home University: 
University of Rochester
My Major: 
Business Administration

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm definitely most excited to be completely thrown into a place where I have to truly be independent. I believe the best ways to grow are to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and I will definitely be doing a lot of growing in New Zealand!