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Lily in Milan

Hi! My name is Lily and I am a junior at Northwestern University studying voice performance (opera) and French. I was born in Paris and grew up in France before moving to America with my parents and my older brother. I have always liked traveling, specifically throughout Africa and Europe and now I’m really looking forward to discovering Milan! I think that as a European, I think I can offer a different perspective of the IES Milan program than an American student.

Term: Fall 2017
Study Abroad Location

All about Lily

Where I'm From: 
Paris, France
My Home University: 
Northwestern University
My Major: 
Voice Performance

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm really excited to be doing an Opera program in Italy because the country has such a rich Opera culture and history. One of the things I look most forward to is going to La Scalla to watch an opera one of the biggest Opera houses in the world. Otherwise, I look forward to the obvious things such as Italian cuisine, shopping, and museums!

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