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Rebekah in Rabat

I am a long-time bibliophile, choir nerd, and language lover who isn't really "from" anywhere. The closest thing I have to a hometown is Ambler, Pennsylvania, where I lived throughout middle and high school, but I also lived in England and Egypt as a child, and my parents now live in Connecticut I now go to college in Washington DC!

Term: Spring 2018
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All about Rebekah

Where I'm From: 
Ambler, PA
My Home University: 
Georgetown University
My Major: 
Francophone Studies

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am most excited to immerse myself in a language situation and culture that will be both new and somewhat familiar. I am actually currently spending the semester studying in Strasbourg, France, so I am very excited to explore the intersection of French and Arab culture and be immersed in Arabic, and I am also looking forward to returning to North Africa and the Arab world since living in Egypt as a child.

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