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Deanna in Nagoya

Kamishibai is a Japanese style of storytelling that was popular in the first half of the 20th century. These narrators were street performers of a sort -- they read a variety of stories from a series of illustrated paper boards, entertaining the commonfolk before the emergence of television. I will blog about my experiences in Japan through a modernized version of kamishibai, telling my stories through a series of photographs and their corresponding narrations that will be similar to a novel.

Term: Fall 2017
Study Abroad Location

All about Deanna

Where I'm From: 
Saint Louis
My Home University: 
Knox College
My Major: 
International Studies

Favorite thing about going abroad?

I am excited to be exploring the history and social culture of my homeland. My extended maternal family live in different parts of Aichi Prefecture, so I will be able to see various facets of the surrounding area of Nanzan the summer prior to my study abroad experience.

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