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Jessica in Buenos Aires

I am just your average dog-loving, cheese-obsessed girl going into my last year as an undergrad.

Term: Fall 2017
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All about Jessica

Where I'm From: 
Charlottesville, VA
My Home University: 
University of Virginia
My Major: 
Religious Studies

Favorite thing about going abroad?

This is going to sound very cookie-cutter but I am most excited and most nervous to improve my Spanish. I went to visit a patient last week (part of my work this summer) and we ended up speaking Spanish to each other. I have been taking Spanish since the third grade and yet I couldn't articulate my curiosity about her past life in El Salvador or ask about her family that was in town. However, when I could communicate with her exactly how I intended, it felt like a barrier broke between us and I cannot wait to break those barriers with other people on my travels and when I return.

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